The Golden State Warriors are up 2 games to none on the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Finals now head to “the Q” for the next two games.  

The Warriors have now won seven straight games against the Cavs going back to last years Finals.

The Warriors are on the verge of becoming back-to-back champions defeating the same team.  Cleveland lost yesterdays game by 33 points, game 1 was a slightly smaller margin of 15.  

The Warriors, along with having the best all time NBA wins record with 73 wins and only 9 losses now have most wins in any season playoffs included with 87 wins.

Game two should have been a bounce-back game for the Cavaliers after letting a win get away when they were up 3 with two minutes left in the third.  

They would go on to have one of the worst quarters for them in the playoffs and let Golden State come back and take game 1 with a total margin of 15.

Game 2 was much worse.  LeBron James led all Cavs with 19 points, Richard Jefferson had 12, and Kyrie Irving had 10.  No other player had more than eight points in the game.  At the half the Cavaliers were only down six points.  

The game got away from them in the worst way.  They would go on to get outscored by 25 points in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

Both Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry were held under 20 points each of game 1 and 2, yet they were still able to blowout the competition.  In their absence is a resurgent Draymond Green who had 28 points and went 5 for 8 from three.  

The bench had a solid game again, but this time around the starters played better and sealed the win for the Warriors.  

The Cavs now have their backs against the wall.  They need to win 4 of the next five games to come back and defeat Golden State.

The series now heads to Cleveland for the next two before returning to the Oracle arena if needed on Monday.

It looks all but over for the Cavs unless they start scoring more, it is simple as that.  They are holding the best two players on the Warriors to only 20 points or less in the past two games, yet the Cavs lose by upwards of 15 and up.

To add more insult to injury big man Kevin Love went down late in the third after an accidental elbow to the head took him out for the rest of the game.  He finished the game with only 5 points. The gripe with the Cavaliers is that they were not in full health.  

At this time last year the Cavaliers were playing the finals without Kevin Love, and also without Kyrie Irving.  Now it looks like Love could miss the next game on Wednesday.  

It is not over until it is over but the odds are against the Cavaliers.  The Warriors are firing on all cylinders and they do not look like they are going to stop anytime soon.  

If either Curry or Thompson get it going it will be enough to take care of the Cavs and win their second straight Larry O’Brien Trophy.