The Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 1130-114 last night. It was apparent from the beginning of the game what the outcome would be.

The outcome of the game showed that Kevin Durant made the right decision, and that Russell Westbrook continues to play like a MVP candidate, yet he and OKC continue to lose games. Westbrook finished the game with 47 points, 11 rebounds, and eight assists.  He still had 11 turnovers.

Kevin Durant was returning to the Chesapeake Energy Arena for the first time since leaving last season for Oakland, leaving Westbrook and the city, was received with a mix of cheers and boos.  Durant finished the night with 34 points, and nine rebounds. He led the Warriors in points.

Aside from the obvious trash-talk that was expected from other players and fans, Westbrook eventually joined in on the jawing.  

Durant and Westbrook exchanged words after a Thunder 3, as the Thunder called a timeout, it is possibly the most the two have spoken since Durant’s departure.  

“I’m coming, I’m coming” can be heard from the OKC captain. Durant did not seem to mind, but he did say something, but he mostly let his playing do the talking.   

Surprisingly, there were little to no times when both were covering one another.  The Warriors depth and bench was too much for the Thunder.  

Westbrook’s performance was not enough. The closest OKC got was 12 points in the 4th, but could not cut the deficit, and the Warriors eventually pulled away.  

With the win last night Durant can explain his departure.  At the time, when it was himself and Westbrook, they would play great games, but the help around them was not there. 

If either of them struggled, there was a possibility that the team would lose.  If both of them have an off night it is an almost-guarantee that they did not win those games.

Durant could no longer deal with that.  Who could blame him?  He had to escape as soon as there was a chance to.  

He wanted to see changes, and he felt that OKC did not do enough to retain his talents for another 2-3 years.  Westbrook recites loyalty to the team and the city as the reason he stayed, but is it more to it than that?

Westbrook, in essence stayed with OKC to see the Thunder re-visit the Finals visit glory from a few years ago.  He expected Durant to be there too when he signed his contract last year.

It’s hard to look at their now non-existent relationship.  They weren’t best of friends during their time together, but towards the end of last season it reached its peak, the departure sealed the deal.

Durant wants rings, wins, and success.  Westbrook wanted to put on a show and attempt to get a win, even if that means turning the ball over, or missing key shots or pays.  The differences only grew.

According to Westbrook, the beef or their situation is non-existent. Durant is with the Warriors, Westbrook with the Thunder. They were never friends, but they were never enemies, they just had different views.

Durant’s views now look golden; Westbrook’s views look cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms.