The New Orleans Pelicans have acquired DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins from the Sacramento Kings.

The move, that will send Cousins and Omri Casspi to the Pelicans for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and a first and second round pick this year’s upcoming draft.

The move, an unexpected one, after the Kings have been claiming up and down that they would not trade Cousins, despite all his recent issues with the coaches, staff, and the refereeing officials, they moved him. 

He is now reconnected with former University of Kentucky Wildcat teammate Anthony Davis. The move seemed like a long time coming.  Cousins’ has expressed his feelings about the front office moves during the free-agent market, and also the trade deadline. 

He got into a verbal altercation with former coach George Karl.

Despite all the baggage, Boogie Cousins is one of the best big men currently in the NBA.  He is a three time All-Star including this past Sunday’s game. 

Cousins’ is truly great. But his off the court and in some cases on the court issues were growing concerns for the Kings. 

With the move the Kings are looking forward to build a young, yet solid squad.  The Pelicans have instantly propelled them to be one of the best teams in the league.  They now have two of the most dominant big men in the past 5 years. 

Davis is coming off a phenomenal All-Star game, where he claimed the MVP honors for the night.

The Pelicans are now looking to add to their offense with Cousins who is putting up career high numbers in points, rebounds, and also three-point shooting. 

New Orleans is three games out of the final playoff spot in the West. They have a chance to make a solid push for a spot as well as a run in the playoffs now that Cousins has been added to the team.

The Kings with these new pieces plan to rebuild and have a young squad that is ready to contend in the West.

Kings management particularly took a liking to rookie Buddy Hield, a standout last season at the University of Oklahoma, who has struggling so far for the year, but having breakout games where he can score easily.  He is averaging 9 points and almost three rebounds per, and has started more than half of the Pelicans games.

The moves look positive for the teams that made them.  Both teams have the potential to be playoff regulars. The Kings are focused on the future, while the Pelicans are focused on the now and adding future talent along the way. 

Tyreke Evans is returning to the team that originally drafted him in the first round in 2009.  He is averaging career lows after coming back from various knee surgeries. 

The Kings have also waived Matt Barnes to make room for the pieces in the Cousins deal. 

Cousins becomes a free agent in 2018, and the Pelicans are expected to offer him an extension with an upwards of $180 million next season. 

Cousins will be persuaded to stay since he will be alongside his fellow Wildcat Anthony Davis, and Cousins, who originally is from Alabama should feel comfortable with the change in scenery. 

The Los Angeles Lakers were also in talks for Cousins, but were not willing to send No. 2 overall pick Brandon Ingram in the deal. The Lakers should of. 

Cousins would have been an instant help for the struggling Lakers.  They are in need of a solid big man to hold down the paint and get big rebounds when necessary. I digress. The inner Lakers fan in me wanted to come out.

Casspi has been averaging 20 minutes, 6 points, and 4 rebounds. 

There were also talks that included Indiana Pacers star Paul George heading to the NOLA, but those talks also dissolved.  The dust has settled, and now Cousins is a Pelican. 

There are two big men in the Big Easy now.  The possibilities are endless.

The only concern is keeping Cousins actions in check.  He can be great, but his actions on and off the court keep weighing him down.