Isaiah Thomas taking the ball up the court (AP)

In a playoff-like game last night the Boston Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in a thriller at the TD Garden last night 103-99.

The “King of the 4th Quarter” Isaiah Thomas had a stellar 4th quarter to lift the Celtics past the Cavs in a grueling hard-fought game.  The game and the atmosphere had all the makings of great playoff match.

Thomas finished with 31 points and five assists against the defending champs.  The Boston star has taken over the 4th quarter, and has the numbers to prove it with a 10.3 points in the fourth quarter.
He scored six and had two assists.

His confidence is on another level, which is surprising for someone who was the last pick in the NBA draft in 2011.  The 5’4 giant takes control of the game, and when he gets double-teamed, he gets the ball away to awaiting teammates.

The game, a crucial win for morale for Boston, after losing to three of four against current Eastern Conference playoff teams, and they have only been able to beat Cleveland once since the 2014 playoffs.  It shows that the second team in the East can do some damage with the current No. 1 team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Any playoff chances for Thomas and Boston will have to go through Cleveland.  LeBron James and Co. did not have a bad game either.  James had a triple-double with 28 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists.  Kyrie Irving also had a great game with 28, and so did Tristan Thompson was able to nab 13 boards in the loss.

The Cavs did not rest any players, and all their stars played.  Yet they were pushed to the brink by the surprise team of the East, the Boston Celtics.  They also have the black-sheep of the MVP race in Isaiah Thomas.

Isaiah Thomas dueling with the Cavaliers Kyle Korver

Thomas had a typical 4th quarter and shared some thoughts on his performance “Nobody holds me in check … I average 30 points for a reason.”   He was able to score five in the final minute of the game.  He had two clutch free throws, and also some key assists to give the Celtics the win.

The Cavs had their chances to pull themselves closer and eventually win the game.  Deron Williams, who was in his second game with the Cavs, missed the wide open 3 after a LeBron James pass.  The Celtics scored to take the lead and eventually seal the deal.

There was plenty of back and forth with 24 lead changes and also 19 ties.   The theme heading into the 4th had a classic game 6, or game 7 in the eastern conference playoff feel.

The Cavaliers had their chances to seal the deal with shots from Williams, James, and Irving, but the shots would not go down.  The Cavaliers should not panic, it was a close game that was decided by 5 or less points.  They could of came away with a win at the Garden.

This just goes to show that Cleveland should not expect an easy ride back to the Finals, they have the Celtics that are trying to make noise, and push the defending champs to a series in the Eastern Conference Finals if they do finally meet.

Last night’s outcome shows that Boston is ready to threaten and take the crown from the kings