In a streak that has spanned 146 games, the Golden State Warriors have lost two games back-to-back.  The team held the record for most games in-between consecutive game losses.  They look to end the slump when they face the New York Knicks.

The slump has been part of a bigger problem that the team, and most notably the “Splash BrothersStephen Curry and Klay Thompson shooting slump since the injury to Kevin Durant.  KD became the unofficial leader of the team. 

The team has struggled to adjust without him, after already being adjusted playing with him.  The struggles started the game after Durant’s injury, with a loss to the Washington Wizards.

Curry and Thompson are in shooting slumps, both are putting up horrid shooting numbers and figures.  Both seem to be in a slump that they know they shouldn’t be in.  The team does not know how to react to their team when both their shooters are off.  

The adjustment needs to happen sooner than later, the San Antonio Spurs are right on their heels, and only behind two games heading into Sunday. With the injury to Durant the Warriors are not expected to win the Finals, and in some extreme cases, GS will not even win the Western Division. 

The Warriors are trying to bounce back after a loss to the Chicago Bulls 94-87 on Thursday.  The loss, is the first consecutive loss for the team since April 5-7 2015. 

Wade taking it to the Warriors Defense (AP)

The 87 points scored by the team were the lowest of the season, they also had a 38.6 % shooting, also a season low against the Bulls. 

The Warriors statistically play better with Durant on the court, but when he doesn’t they struggle.  No big surprise, but it should not be that difficult to try to adjust with someone still working out the kinks in the offense themselves.

The Warriors narrowly beat the Knicks today 112-105 at Madison Square Garden.  The Knicks took a one point lead into the half, and continued to stay close to the Warriors.

Golden State eventually had a 13 point lead, and the Knicks were able to get it to 97-96 before the Warriors pulled away towards the end of the game after some great shots from Thompson and Curry, who looked more or less like themselves. Curry scored 31, Thompson with 29, and also a dagger in the gsme from Thompson in the form of a splendid layup.

The win, even though against a struggling Knicks team shows that the Warriors are able to pull games through even without Durant, who has a knee injury, is expected to return during the playoffs.

The Warriors still have some kinks to work on during the Durant-less months, but the win is a positive sign for the team.  The Warriors have beat the Knicks six straight games, they play the Atlanta Hawks next.  They have a great record against the Hawks.